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Welding and cutting smoke

Smoke and dust from metalworking contain gases and particles from heavy metals, among other things, which together can cause chronic bronchitis, asthma and cancer of the airways. This may happen if the contamination is not removed effectively. Air contamination which is particularly hazardous to health may occur if electrodes, basic materials or coatings on basic materials contain substances such as zinc, copper, lead, cadmium or chromium.

Use suitable ventilation and extraction systems to remove welding smoke and grinding dust. Use a portable system if it is not possible to set up a central process ventilation system. The ventilation system must be fitted with a control device which indicates insufficient function.

In many instances, it may be necessary to use suitable respiratory protection, e.g. a turbo filter mask with a suitable filter, or respiratory protection with an air supply.

Welding and cutting of all forms of metal and grinding associated with this may be carried out only by people who have undergone special training.