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Laser radiation – both direct and reflected – may cause injuries to the eyes and skin. Lasers are divided into classes according to how dangerous they are, with associated safety arrangements. This is applicable to class 1 and class 2, where the general blink reflect of workers will normally prevent injury, and class 3 and above where special arrangements have to be implemented.

Classification of lasers and the associated safety arrangements must be compliant with European standard EN 60 825-1.
On delivery, lasers must have usage instructions in Danish and be fitted with warning signs.

Lasers may only be used by people who have the necessary insight and have received instruction on how to use them. To avoid hazardous radiation, everyone in the area in which the laser is used must be aware of the safety arrangements.
When work is being carried out using a laser, a warning sign must be placed somewhere appropriate and visible.


Other safety rules:

  • Never look into the laser beam.
  • Always use a beam stop.
  • Avoid hazardous reflections from shiny surfaces and tools.
  • Avoid using meters with sights.
  • Apply instruments so that the laser beam cannot be intercepted.
  • The laser must be locked when it is not in use.
  • Do not use a laser of a higher class than necessary.