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Form oils

Form oils may be based on mineral, vegetable or synthetic oils and may contain solvents and certain additives. Mineral form oils will be classified in most instances as hazardous substances or materials.

Contact with form oil can cause skin problems in the form of redness, irritation, swelling, blisters and eczema. Long-term contact with mineral oils may also cause skin cancer. Aerosols/spray mists may cause nausea and headaches when inhaled and result in lung diseases.

Avoid skin contact with form oil. Therefore, form oil must be applied with a brush or roller wherever possible. If the finish requires the form oil to be sprayed on, it is necessary to use at least filtered respiratory protection using a P2A2 filter.

In addition, there may be a risk of coming into contact with form oil when man striking and removing formwork.

Safety arrangements


  • Use the form oils which are least problematic or the least harmful to health.
  • Check in advance how great the health risk is when using a product, and acquire clear and thorough information on the hazard.
  • Get clear and thorough instructions on how you should carry out the work, and on what personal protective equipment you have to use.


Work site layout

Set up the work site so that neither the user nor anyone else is contaminated by spray, splashes and spray mist (aerosols). Be aware of wind strength and direction.

Protective equipment and hygiene

When spraying, it is normally necessary to use respiratory protection and oilproof overalls with a hood and gloves, etc.
Use oilproof aprons and gloves when applying the oil with a brush or roller. It is often necessary to wear special workwear when working with oiled formwork elements and similar.

Workwear contaminated with form oil must be kept separate from everyday clothes. When work is complete, it is important to wash and care for the skin and body. Therefore, it is necessary to make available suitable cleaning agents for the skin, soap, creams for skin care and clean and dry towels or disposable towels.