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Fly ash

Fly ash is used as a filler in connection with roadbuilding, as well as in cement, concrete and gas concrete.

Fly ash consists of fine-grain particles which are isolated from the flue gases from coal-fired power plants. Contact with the skin and mucous membranes may cause acute irritation. Allergies may also occur in the event of long-term contact.

Minors under 18 must not work with fly ash or come into contact with it. All work with fly ash must be arranged so that it gives off as little dust as possible and there is as little exposure to it as possible. This can be done by wetting the area as you work, for example.
Driver’s cabs on contract machinery must be equipped to prevent fly ash entering the cab; for example, the air supply must pass an effective particulate filter.

In the event of contact with fly ash, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment in the form of gloves, dust-repellent workwear, eye protection and suitable respiratory protection, e.g. turbo equipment with a hood and particle filter.