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Pulling and pushing

Using trolleys, barrows and brick trucks make it easier to move tools and materials around. However, pulling and pushing using the whole body may require a lot of physical effort; particularly on slopes, uneven ground, in enclosed spaces, where there is repeated starting and stopping, and similar.

Poor hub and wheel maintenance also help to increase resistance.

Your body may be subject to sudden strain when you drive over a kerb, in the event of a collision or if you undergo sudden harsh braking.

Poor visibility, smooth surfaces or slipping increase the risk of sudden major strain.

Use a crane or a self-propelled aid if the slope is too steep or if the ground is too uneven or greasy.

Wherever possible, push instead of pulling, and also try other ways of reducing the strain as much as possible. For example, try to select the most suitable trolley and make sure it has been maintained properly, moves freely and is clean.

The ground must be flat and even for moving around on, there must be no objects standing in the way, the lighting must be good, and there must be no holes. Also avoid changes of level or other obstacles.

There must be enough space to be able to turn around and manoeuvre.