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Lifting and carrying

Lifting involves handling an object so that it is entirely or partly not resting on the ground. Carrying involves walking more than two metres with an object which you are lifting. Manual lifting involves one or more people lifting/carrying an object.

Lifting may place a strain on the body even if the object does not weigh a lot. Even light loads involve a risk of injury. Take particular care when lifting:

  • Below knee height.
  • Above shoulder height.
  • From the side.
  • With one hand.
  • In enclosed spaces.
  • On an uneven or smooth surface.
  • On ladders and stairs.

Therefore, always try to use suitable technical aids when handling loads instead of lifting and carrying them.

If this is not possible, the load must be lifted and carried as close as possible to the body. Make sure that you get a good grip of the load with both hands. Also choose a good working position for lifting, and make sure you have plenty of visibility and a secure surface to work on.