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Chemical APV – a special assessment

The use of hazardous chemical substances and materials must be assessed in a special supplement to the place of work assessment, often referred to as the chemical APV.

If there is a risk of being subjected to effects from several different substances or materials, an overall assessment of the risk must take place.
The following must be included in the assessment:

  1. Which materials are hazardous, and in what regard?
  2. How are you exposed to them, and to what extent?
  3. How do you use the materials, e.g. mixing and application methods?
  4. How can we prevent ourselves/others being exposed to the substances/materials, e.g. by means of cordons, airing, ventilation and use of protective equipment, will this prevention work as intended?

You can ideally use the enterprise’s work site usage instructions as a basis as these include information on health hazards, protective equipment and rules for use.

If the assessment shows no problems, you can refer in the general APV to the work site usage instructions for the hazardous substance or material.

If you find conditions in the assessment which require action, you must describe this in the action plan for the general APV, e.g. stating that there is no personal protective equipment or that the ventilation is not good enough.

Remember to compile the work site usage instructions and create a list of all the products which you use within the enterprise or on the building site.

The BFA website at www.styrpaasubstancesne.dk includes further information on and examples of how to create a chemical APV.