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Before renovating a building, you must carry out a condition assessment of the property. This must chart the working environment-related risks and describe a realistic schedule as early as the tender phase.

The condition assessment should include the following:

  • Stability of the structure if altered.
  • The load-bearing ability of the building at points where work is being carried out.
  • Locations of electricity, gas and water installations.
  • Risk of contact with substances and materials which are harmful to health, such as:
    • asbestos, mineral wool and PCBs,
    • rot and dry rot,
    • things left behind by animals and humans.

Renovation jobs typically take place in existing buildings, where the work may be heavy, difficult and physically demanding. Therefore, it is important to establish good access and transport routes. This makes it easier to move building materials around and makes it possible to use technical aids to transport them.
Limit the dust by:

  • Using a vacuum cleaner connected to a central extraction facility.
  • Having an extractor on tools for boring or cutting.
  • Sprinkling areas with water to bind the dust.
  • Avoiding cutting concrete. If you blast, clip or shear concrete, this causes less dust.
  • Cleaning the work area regularly.

It is always a good idea to involve users and residents in the planning of renovation jobs. According to the Rent Act, they must at least be told that the work is to take place.