Working environment work at building and construction sites

The enterprise must set up a working environment organisation on building sites and other temporary and alternating places of work outside the enterprise’s permanent place of work when five employees are working on site for the same employer for more than 14 days. Also remember to include in the figures the number of any contract staff.

This is applicable irrespective of how many people are employed within the enterprise, and irrespective of the fact that the employees on the building site are at the same time covered by a working environment organisation within the home enterprise.

The working environment organisation on the building site consists of a staff member (working environment representative) selected by and from staff on site, the supervisor on site and the employer or his representative.

BFA Bygge & Anlæg recommends that the employer, working environment representatives and supervisors within the working environment organisation participate in startup meetings, safety meetings and safety rounds which are convened by the developer or the working environment coordinator.

Working environment committees on building and construction sites

If there are 35 or more employees from the same enterprise working on a building and construction site for at least four weeks, the enterprise must set up a working environment committee.

The working environment committee is made up of members or representatives from the working environment teams created on site.

The committee must actively assist with coordination of working environment work with other enterprises when they are all working on the same site.

Working in different enterprises’ areas

Anyone working in an area operated by a different enterprise must work in compliance with the working environment regulations applicable to the enterprise for which they work, as well as the regulations applicable to the work they have to do.