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The employer is responsible for ensuring that the enterprise is compliant with the Working Environment Act. In purely general terms, the Working Environment Act demands that employers must plan, arrange and carry out work in a manner which is fully sound in terms of health and safety.
Employers are obliged to ensure, among other things, that:

  • the place of work is correctly fitted out, e.g. preventing falls and the risk of collapse,
  • the enterprise trains and instructs its staff so that they can carry out their work without risk,
  • they supervise staff effectively to ensure that they are carrying out their work correctly and are following instructions,
  • the necessary safety equipment is in place and that this equipment can be used properly for the given work,
  • the work can be carried out legally using personal protective equipment,
  • the enterprise creates written work site assessments,
  • the enterprise creates a working environment organisation when it has ten or more employees,
  • the enterprise creates a working environment organisation (working environment representative for the employees, one supervisor and the employer) on building sites and other temporary and alternating places of work outside the permanent place of work of the enterprise, when five employees are working on the site for more than 14 days.

Employers are obliged – among other things – to ensure that instructions and guidelines are provided to employees in the languages which they can understand, possibly with the assistance of interpreters.