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Employees share responsibility for ensuring that the working environment is good. You are obliged to help to ensure that:

  • working conditions are entirely correct in terms of health and safety within your own work area,
  • safety arrangements operate as intended, e.g. by using the personal protective equipment you have been supplied with,
  • you put back any safety arrangements which you have removed temporarily, e.g. when you temporarily remove railings when you place materials on scaffolding,
  • you notify the enterprise’s working environment organisation, supervisor or employer if any faults and shortcomings arise which you and your colleagues are unable to correct yourselves,
  • you cooperate with the other enterprises and people working on work sites (e.g. building sites) where several enterprises are all working at the same time,
  • you work according to the regulations applicable to health and safety when working on a site belonging to a different enterprise.

As an employee, you may be punished if you deliberately or with gross negligence breach the terms of the Act. This is applicable to the following areas:

  • Use of personal protective equipment.
  • Use of extraction arrangements.
  • Use of protective equipment or safety arrangements.
  • Use of correct working methods.
  • 3Failure to have certificates for cranes and fork lift trucks.

In these instances, the employer may escape punishment if he has complied with his obligations in accordance with the Working Environment Act.