Working environment advice

In special cases, the Working Environment Authority may require an enterprise to use an authorised working environment advisor.

  • Include the working environment organisation in advice, both when selecting an advisor and in the actual process together with the advisor.
  • Select the correct advisor. Some advisors are authorised in specific areas, while others are authorised to be able to provide working environment advice within all areas.

It is also possible to seek advice relating to, for example:

  • Purchasing of machinery and tools.
  • Replacing hazardous substances with less hazardous ones.
  • Suppliers of technical aids.
  • Accident prevention initiatives.
  • Assessing work processes and compiling action plans.
  • Measuring e.g. noise, asbestos, PCBs, etc.

Enterprises and staff subject to the Construction Work Working Environment Bus (Byggeriets Arbejdsmiljøbus, Bam-Bus) consultancy scheme can freely use this scheme for guidance on specific problems.