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Personnel lifter with fork lift truck

Using a fork lift truck to lift people is permitted. This may take place during lighter repair and replacement work or for work of short duration.



The lifting capacity of the truck at its maximum lifting height must be at least four times the maximum permissible load of the work basket.

The floor surface in the work basket must not exceed 1.2 x 1.2 m and be no less than 0.6 m2 per person. The floor must be compact and non-slip.

The work basket must be kitted out as a personnel lifter as shown in the drawing. However, there must be a fence at least 1.9 m high towards the truck mast which will prevent anyone being trapped against the mast.

The personnel basket must be secured properly to the truck, and it is necessary to ensure that it cannot be uncoupled by mistake.


Driving is not permitted when there are people in the personnel basket.

Fork lift trucks with work platforms require an even, load-bearing surface to drive on (floors, permanent roads or iron panels).

Minors under 18 may only use fork lift trucks to lift people if this work is taking place in connection with training which aims to give them skills (e.g. as apprentices), and if they receive the proper instruction.

Logs and reporting

If you are to use a fork lift truck for lifting people, this must be reported to the Working Environment Authority. Logs must also be kept which are left in the truck. These logs must provide information on the history of the truck, including information on repairs, load tests, inspections, etc.