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Personnel lifter with crane basket

As a general rule, lifting people in a crane basket is prohibited unless the crane is specially kitted out to do so.

However, the Working Environment Authority may grant an exemption to this on the basis of an application. The following information must be forwarded beforehand:

  • A risk assessment which states that other, safer solutions cannot be used due to technical or economic reasons and that there is sufficient safety when lifting people using a crane.
  • The period over which people will be lifted using the crane, and a description of the task.
  • Drawings and calculations of the crane basket planned for use.
  • Documentation stating that the safety factors used when dimensioning the crane and lifting gear are compliant with applicable requirements.
  • A description of the inspection and checking procedures intended for use before work commences, both after erection and in daily use.
  • Identification of the crane to be used for lifting people along with documentation on the safety-related state of the crane, including 12-month and 10-year inspections carried out.


The person in the basket and the crane driver must be able to talk to one another, possibly by means of a radio or telephone.

The work basket must not normally be left in its raised position. If this is necessary to allow a task to be done, an exemption must be applied for first.

An application for exemption is conditional upon:

  • A description of the work.
  • Staff wearing approved fall protection equipment when leaving the basket, and ensuring that the fall line is always secured to the crane hook or a permanent structural element.
  • Ensuring that inspection and maintenance procedures are in place for fall protection equipment and securing of the line.
  • Constant supervision of the task taking place.


There is a long series of requirements with regard to the design of the crane and the basket. For more information on this, see the Working Environment Authority’s guides.