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Nail guns

Nail guns are fired using compressed air, electricity or spring force. These guns are every bit as dangerous as bolt guns, except for the smallest types.

Nail guns must have at least two independent safety devices to prevent accidental firing: the trigger and a safety catch.

The safety catch is located at the muzzle of the gun. It must have a travel of at least 7 mm before it can be fired. Either the trigger or the safety catch must have been returned to the safe position before the gun can be fired again. (Repeat firing may be permitted with a special safety catch design so that accidentally depressing the safety catch is difficult.)

Compressed air-driven nail guns must be connected to the compressed air hose at the gun itself. The highest permissible air pressure must be stated on the gun.

The person using the gun must be 18 or over. He must have received thorough instruction on the use of the gun (including all the details in the usage instructions and safety provisions, as well as inspection and maintenance). Minors under 18 may operate nail guns if this work is taking place in connection with training which aims to give them skills (e.g. as apprentices).

Ear defenders are often required, and eye protection must be worn.

The choice must be made according to the gun supplier’s regulations.

For nail guns for small brackets, tacks (max. 0.3 grams), etc., more appropriate rules apply. There is no age limit of 18 here.