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Machinery for concrete and mortar

Mixing machines

Use a conveyor, screw conveyor, hoisting gear rather than shovelling if the mixing machine is used a lot. This helps to reduce stress on the people who are to fill the machine.

Mixing machines, screw conveyors, etc. may be operated by minors under 18 if the machines are shielded in such a way as to render the moving and machining parts inaccessible during operation and there are no other hazards associated with the machine. However, this is possible only if minors receive thorough instruction on how to use the machine.

There must be usage instructions in Danish which indicate how to set up, operate and maintain the machine in connection with work.

Concrete surface finishers

Machines with petrol engines may only be used indoors when the rooms are well ventilated.

Concrete surface finishers with rotating discs or propellers must be secured as follows:

  • Rotating discs or propellers must be shielded so that no part of a foot can enter the hazard zone.
  • The machine must have a hold-down handle (dead man’s control)
  • On petrol-driven machines, it must be possible to activate the starter while holding onto the hold-down handle on the steering gear.


Vibrators which are used to distribute wet concrete in moulds and to level off floors and horizontal divisions are driven by low-voltage motors via transformers.

It may be necessary to restrict work periods if the vibration level is high (find out more in the section on vibrations).

Good maintenance is a must if vibration damping is to work effectively. There should be a switch on the operating handle if the vibrator motor is built into the unit.

Do not leave an immersion vibrator with the motor on.

If the vibrator does not have a switch in the handle, you have to take it to the switch, place it in a stand or secure it in some other way until it has stopped.

Minors under 18 may only operate concrete surface finishers and vibrators if this work is taking place in connection with training which aims to give them skills (e.g. as apprentices), and if they receive the proper instruction.