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Lifting with fork lifts

Fork lift forks must only be used to lift loads which are suitable for lifting with a fork lift. It is necessary to make the load safe by securing it or by tilting the forks backwards when moving with the load. The forks must not be used directly as crane hooks.

The forks must be inspected regularly for wear, cracks and deformations. Forks may only be repaired by specialists, and only according to the supplier’s instructions.

Minors under 18 may only operate machinery with forks for lifting if this work is taking place in connection with training which aims to give them skills (e.g. as apprentices), and if they receive the proper instruction and hold the necessary certificates.

Driver certificates

  • A driver certificate is required in order to use a telescopic loader with forks.
  • A driver certificate is required to use a fork lift truck.
  • Forks used on e.g. diggers and mini loaders do not require driver certificates.