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Ladders must be suitable for the tasks to be performed in respect of design, size, etc. All ladders must be supplied with usage instructions in Danish. These must specify what the ladder may be used for, correct setup, daily maintenance, etc.

Ladders for normal use must be compliant with the provisions of EN 131. However, ladders can also be designed in other ways which are just as effective. It is also a good idea to use ladders with wide rungs as these ensure a better working position and better circulation.

All ladders must be inspected at appropriate intervals for looseness, cracks and broken sections, and defective ladders must be repaired or discarded immediately.

A personnel lifter or scaffold, for example, must be used anywhere the use of a ladder is inexpedient or not permitted.


Ladders may only be used for work for short periods. The time limit for specific tasks is 30 minutes.

If work is taking place on a shift basis and from a firm base, ladder work must not exceed 1/3 of the daily working hours.

Other rules when working on ladders:

  • Wear appropriate footwear.
  • Carry only smaller objects in your hands.
  • Tools must be light and easy to handle.
  • It must be possible to operate tools with one hand.
  • The working height must normally be no higher than 5 m (from ground level to the rung on which you are standing).

You may work higher up in exceptional cases, e.g. when replacing bulbs, installing elements and carrying out other service tasks.
There has to be a footman if you work more than 5 m up. During element installation, you can use ladders at working heights of up to 8 m in connection with:

  • Installation of top fittings and railing posts.
  • Attaching and detaching elements.
  • Guiding elements.
  • Jointing.
  • Minor repairs.

Ladders as access routes


If you have to use a ladder as an access route, it has to be secured properly. It must also be at an appropriate slope, and there must be a handhold approx. 1 m above the top level.