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Hoisting stands

Any hoisting position prior to 1 January 1997 must be approved by the Working Environment Authority. After this date, it must be type-approved or carried out in accordance with a harmonised EU standard.



Logs must be placed on or near to the hoisting stand. These must describe the history of the tool, including information on repairs, load tests and inspections. The owner of the tool keeps these logs.


A main inspection must be carried out by the supplier or another expert at least once every 12 months.


A hoisting stand is a work platform or bosun’s chair with a winch, hook and trap mechanism. Hoisting stands are machines and therefore must be CE-labelled. The supplier’s usage instructions must be formulated in compliance with the Working Environment Authority’s provisions in the executive order on the design of technical aids. The usage instructions form the basis for the suspension, use and repair and maintenance of the hoisting stand, where it must be ensured that:

  • All mechanical and electrical elements are protected against harmful effects resulting from the weather and the work.
  • Articulated hoisting stands do not slope by more than 10% during work.
  • The suspension (boom, aerial cable ring, roof trolley) is made of steel or aluminium.
  • Hoisting stands and bosun’s chairs with platforms are no more than 1 m2 in area if they are suspended in one track cable.
  • Bosun’s chairs must be fitted with rollers, wheels or runners.
  • Parts must be secured with a chain or strap, and hooks must be provided with devices to prevent them becoming unhooked.
  • It must be possible to use the winch so that free lowering during normal operation is not possible.
  • All moving parts must be secured to prevent trapping.
  • All ends on rope reels and guide discs must be screened to prevent trapping.

The hoisting stand must be fitted with railings. These must comprise a hand rail at a height of 1 metre, a knee rail at a height of 0.5 metres and a foot rail (0.15 m) immediately above the floor. It must also be fitted with free-rolling rollers or similar against the façade.

Each winch on the hoisting stand must be fitted with a trap mechanism, each of which acts on its own trap rope. Winch ropes and trap ropes must be secured independently of one another.

There must be usage instructions and guides in Danish which describe securing, suspension, operation, loading and maintenance.
A guide must be provided with the hoisting stand.

Working from hoisting stands

Minors under 18 may only operate hoisting stands if this work is taking place in connection with training which aims to give them skills (e.g. as apprentices), and if they receive the proper instruction.

However, minors under18 may certainly work from a hoisting stand.