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Stationary work sites

Work at stationary circular saws, trestles, thread cutting machines and other work carried out in the same location for any length of time must take place in a building, hut or tent and as a minimum be carried out under a partition with an all-weather roof support or similar.


In particular, make sure you have the following:

  • Good work lighting.
  • Heating and ventilation, where necessary.
  • Workbenches must be at the right height.
  • There must be space for technical aids for moving heavy objects.
  • In the case of work processes which give off dust, smoke or vapour which is harmful to health, process ventilation is normally established which is exhausted to the outside.
  • In the case of noisy work processes, it is necessary to ensure that other people on the building are not subjected to unnecessary noise. Noise must be damped in accordance with what is technically possible.