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Protective clothing

Protective clothing includes arm protection, one-piece suits or similar to provide protection against chemicals or cold, for example.


If the suit is to provide protection against chemicals, it is necessary to know how long it will take the chemical in question to penetrate the suit – the penetration time. This determines how long you can use it.

Check the penetration time for the suit in the usage instructions or on the label, or ask the supplier.

Be aware of whether the suit has to provide protection against several effects at the same time, e,g, chemicals, temperature, wear, etc.

When using a chainsaw, you have to wear trousers with a cut-resistant insert which effectively protects the fronts of the legs.

Thermal clothing is well suited to working in cold and draughts as it ensures the temperature inside the suit stays more or less constant.
You can wear a suit made of metallic woven textiles in strong heat. Before wearing protective clothing, it is important to check that it is without faults.

If you are going to work in traffic or anywhere else where it is important for you to be seen, you must wear high visibility clothing (see the section on roadworks).