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Eye protection

Eye protection may include protective goggles, face shields or welding helmets. You must always wear eye protection when working or being in places where there is a risk of being struck by flying particles or spatter, or if you are exposed to corrosive gases and vapour or harmful radiation.


Eye protection must sit firmly without straps or headbands pinching or cutting in.
If you need airtight eye protection, this has to be treated so that it does not mist up.


If you wear eye protection together with respiratory protection or other personal protective equipment, this must not impair the overall protection. If this is the case, you must use special combination equipment instead.

Eye protection must be sufficiently large and give clear vision so that you can work properly. If you already wear glasses, your eye protection must be large enough to leave space for your glasses, or else you must use eye protection with corrective lenses.

Protective goggles